Royalty Mansions, Meard St, W1

We have successful acquired a 999 year head lease of Royalty Mansions on behalf of Soho Housing.  This is a block of 12 x two bed flats previously held on a short lease. The purchase secures the ownership of the property for the long term this being one of Soho Housing's earliest developments.

Rose Street, WC2

We are delighted to anounce the purchase of 24-25 Rose Street, WC2 in the heart of Covent Garden on behalf of Soho Housing.  This property consists of three attractive flats and two shops. The shops are let to Bagriet and Le Jeune.

Soho Housing - new appointments

Vivienne King is Soho Housing's CEO. Vivienne was previously director of business operations and general counsel of The Crown Estate, where she was part of the senior team which led the transformation of The Crown Estate from a traditional estate to a modern progressive business. She is also a trustee of Women's Pioneer Housing and has over 25 years’ experience in the real estate industry.

Also joining Soho Housing are Nick Stonley and Jeremy Titchen as non-executive board members, representing a strong commercial field for the benefit of Soho Housing's robust future. Nick has 35 years of experience in the residential development industry and is managing director of Strawberry Star Developments. Jeremy is an experienced property professional with more than 25 years of experience in the real estate market and is director at Rockhopper Real Estate Limited. Both Nick and Jeremy are also Soho Ltd board members.

9 Archer Street W1

We have completed our development to create a new retail unit at 9 Archer Street over ground and basement levels. It provides interesting characterful space with double doors to Archer Street extensing to 800 sq ft / 74 sq m.  The space has been let to On the Bab.

Letting agent: John Lyons, Nash Bond tel: 020 7290 4583.

24-25 Gt Windmill Street, W1

Our congratulations to Blacklock for winning the Observer Food Monthly award for the best Sunday lunch (October 2016).

What a difference a year and a half makes: Blacklock is now a Soho Sunday institution, with 300-plus sitting down to a proper roast dinner each week. “The dream was to do a roast like you get at home,” says Ker, 31. “Nothing beats your mum’s Sunday dinner, so we aim to be the next best thing.” Ker is ex-Hawksmoor, so it almost goes without saying that this is a slick operation.

The Sunday menu is gratifyingly to the point, and served family-style: just a couple of starters (bone marrow on sourdough, maybe, or roast scallops), followed by a choice of roast beef, pork or lamb (or a daunting plateful of all three), with all the traditional roast spud, carrot, greens, Yorkshire and gravy trimmings. There’s a touch of theatre about it, too, with the joints slow-roasted whole over open coals, which is perhaps not the way home cooks do it. For pudding: “It’s cheesecake.” Portion control is similar to Mum’s, too – you won’t be wanting an evening meal after this little lot.

It’s also one of the best Sunday deals in town: that vast mixed platter with sides is £20 all-in. “It’s all about value,” Ker says. “We do cocktails from a fiver, we use top-quality meat at a middle-end price point [all Blacklock’s carcasses come from one of the godfathers of British butchery, Philip Warren in north Cornwall], and extra sides are £4 a pop.”

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